What people say about me

I found the sessions with Dr. Carulli to be extremely helpful. Through using a diverse and flexible range of the tools, she helped me address key issues and gain deep insights to behaviors which were acting as blockages to my recovery from depression.
Her approach was very supportive but at the same time effective at challenging old thought patterns, all of which was done in a positive and nurturing way.

-Catherine- London

Dr. Carulli’s professionalism is clear, but what struck me most during her workshop was the light in her eyes, the way she connected with those present, the gift she has to communicate, and the way she listened and observed the audience intently. We were all overwhelmed by her words, by her advice, by her way of responding so acutely to the environment. We all grew from that course and we all felt shaken and, at the same time, stronger parents.
Professionalism, together with her gift of perception and her positivity, make her, in my opinion, an atypical and highly effective psychologist.

-Raffaella- Varese

Ilaria managed to empower my realization to levels which were not otherwise possible… Brilliant coach and fruitful coaching that I would have no hesitation to recommend.

-Hesham – Cairo

The sessions with Dr. Carulli helped me find myself in a moment of uncertainty and insecurity. Throughout our sessions she brought out the strengths and confidence I needed to achieve my goals and dreams. To realize my full potential as a human being.

-Valeria – Verona

Dr. Carulli has a gift and is able to reach directly to your core, showing you the essence of your being and allowing you to shine and express who you really are. She helped me to discover my values, to see what really pushes me to do certain things and to recover my self-confidence. The work we did together was hard but inspiring, and I would recommend Dr. Carulli to anyone who has the courage to take responsibility for their life and go get what they really want!

-Anthony – Abu Dhabi

Dr. Carulli was there when I needed it most. I cannot imagine how it would have been otherwise

-Afsoon – Dubai

I met Dr. Carulli after my child was born, in a moment of fragility and emotional difficulty, which I feared could affect the growth of my daughter. She supported me in doing some incredible work on myself, allowing me to feel strong and that I was able to make it. This kind of support should be guaranteed to all new mothers.

-Stefania – Milano

Our time during the sessions was a space for me to find myself. I thought I was lost. I thank Dr. Carulli for not having judged me in my choices, which were not always appropriate.

-Monica – Milano

If I had to describe my journey with Dr. Carulli, I would say that it was illuminating and fundamental. She acted as an intermediary between the “me” that I was content to be and the “me” that I wanted to become. The journey has been exciting full of surprises. Understanding, knowing and learning to use one’s power is essential for each of us, and Dr. Carulli knows how to accompany you on this journey.

-Raffaele – Verona


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